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Authors: A: Advanced Research Project Agency (1)
Authors: A: Alen McKenzie (1)
Authors: A: Alex McKenzie (2)
Authors: A: Anderson, R. H. (1)
Authors: A: ARPA. Memorandum For The Director, Program Manager (1)
Authors: A: ARPANET News (9)
Authors: A: Arpanet Protocol (1)
Authors: A: Aspray, Licklider, Norberg (1)
Authors: A: Assistant Secretary Of Defense (1)
Authors: B: Barber, D. L. A.. National Physical Laboratory (1)
Authors: B: BBN (1)
Authors: B: BBN Digest (1)
Authors: B: BBN Systems And Technologies Corporation (1)
Authors: B: Bell, C. G. (1)
Authors: B: Blanc, R. P. (1)
Authors: B: Bob Kahn (3)
Authors: B: Bobrow, D. (1)
Authors: B: Bob Taylor (1)
Authors: B: Boehm, B. (4)
Authors: B: Boggs, D. R. (1)
Authors: B: Bolt Beranek And Newman Inc. (3)
Authors: B: Bolt Beranek Newman Inc. (3)
Authors: B: Books (1)
Authors: B: Bruce Arden (1)
Authors: B: Builders Of The ARPANET 1969-1971 (1)
Authors: C: Cambell-Kelly, M (1)
Authors: C: Caribiner Group (7)
Authors: C: Center For Computer Science And Technology (1)
Authors: C: Cerf, V. (3)
Authors: C: Cerf, V. G. (2)
Authors: C: Clark, D. D. (1)
Authors: C: Comer, D. (1)
Authors: C: Crocker, D. (1)
Authors: C: Crowther, W. R. (1)
Authors: D: D.C Engelbart (1)
Authors: D: D. W. Davies (1)
Authors: D: Davies, D. W. (1)
Authors: D: Deborah L. Melone (1)
Authors: D: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (1)
Authors: D: Denning, P. J. (2)
Authors: D: Digital Equipment Corporation (1)
Authors: D: Donald Davies (1)
Authors: D: Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart (1)
Authors: D: Dr. L. G. Roberts (1)
Authors: D: Draft DoD Position (1)
Authors: E: Engelbart, D. C. (1)
Authors: F: Fano, R. M. (1)
Authors: F: Feinler, J. (1)
Authors: F: Froehlich, F. E (1)
Authors: G: Gateway (1)
Authors: H: Hans Nilsson (1)
Authors: H: Harvard University, Howard Frank, UC Santa Barbara, Etc. (1)
Authors: H: Heart, F. (1)
Authors: H: Heart, F. E. (2)
Authors: H: Honeywell (1)
Authors: H: Howard Frank (3)
Authors: H: Howard Frank, Robert E. Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock (1)
Authors: I: IEEE Computer Society (1)
Authors: I: Information Sciences Institute, USC (1)
Authors: I: Interview (3)
Authors: I: Interview? (1)
Authors: J: J. Feinler (1)
Authors: J: Jennings, D. M. Landweber, L. (1)
Authors: J: Jonathan B. Postel (2)
Authors: K: Kahn, R. E. (3)
Authors: K: Kantrowitz, B. (1)
Authors: K: Karl D. Kryter (2)
Authors: K: Kleinrock, L. (1)
Authors: L: Landweber (1)
Authors: L: Larry Landweber (1)
Authors: L: Larry Roberts (2)
Authors: L: Len Kleinrock (1)
Authors: L: Leonard Kleinrock (1)
Authors: L: Licklider, J. C. R. (1)
Authors: L: Licklider. J. C. R. (1)
Authors: L: List (2)
Authors: L: Luis Pouzin (2)
Authors: M: M. Campbell-Kelly (1)
Authors: M: Martin H. Weik (1)
Authors: M: McKenzie, A. A (1)
Authors: M: McQuillan, J. M (1)
Authors: M: Metkalff, Bob (1)
Authors: M: Michael Yeates (1)
Authors: M: Mr. Larry Roberts (1)
Authors: N: National Bureau Of Standards (1)
Authors: N: National Scientist Foundation (1)
Authors: P: P. J. McGovern Ed (1)
Authors: P: Padilpsky (1)
Authors: P: Padilpsky, M. A. (1)
Authors: P: Paul Goldstein (1)
Authors: Q: Quarterman, J .C. (1)
Authors: R: Report (1)
Authors: R: Research (1)
Authors: R: Richard Barber Associates Inc. (4)
Authors: R: Roberts, L. C. (1)
Authors: R: Roberts, L. G. (2)
Authors: R: Roberts, L. G. Net Express Inc (1)
Authors: R: Roland F. Bryan (1)
Authors: R: Rosen, E. C. BBN. (1)
Authors: R: Roy Amara And Paul Baran (1)
Authors: S: Saltzer, Jerome (1)
Authors: S: San Jose Mercury News (1)
Authors: S: Stanford Research Institute. 4 April 1968. Shapiro, E. Look At The Problem Of Host To Host Communications (1)
Authors: S: Stanford Research Institute. February 9, 1968. Dr. L. G. Roberts. (1)
Authors: S: Stanford Research Institute. May 28, 1968..Boehm, B. (1)
Authors: S: Stephen Wolff (1)
Authors: S: Steve Crocker (1)
Authors: T: Taylor, R (1)
Authors: T: Teraoka, F. (1)
Authors: T: Thomas Marill (1)
Authors: T: Transmission Control Protocol (1)
Authors: U: U.S. Project Rand (1)
Authors: U: UCLA (1)
Authors: U: UD Department Of Defense (1)
Authors: U: Uncapher, K. Information Science Institute. Cerf, V. Stanford University (1)
Authors: U: University Of California, Los Angeles (1)
Authors: U: University Of California, Los Angeles. November 3, 1967 (1)
Authors: U: Unknown (22)
Authors: U: USC-ISIB (1)
Authors: U: User Interest Group Membership (1)
Authors: V: V. Cerf And R. Kahn (1)